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BioBalans offers you a health analysis / health checkup that finds the root causes of a symptom, and gives you the opportunity to have it treated. The health analysis is accurate and individual and you will see real time 3D-scanning of your body on the big screen. No preparation on your part is required.



The health check emits no radiation and has no harmful effect on the organism. Therefore, this type of health check is harmless even for children and pregnant women. The scanning gives no side effects and has many advantages compared to traditional methods. One of the most important benefits is finding out if an organ is weak and has impaired function, even if there is no other indication of disease. The equipment being used is one of few that can find problems and weaknesses so easily and so early in the cycle of the disease.

Unlike conventional "health checkups", BioBalans focuses on examinations of the body at the cellular level. This is done with high-tech clinically tested equipment that can scan the entire body. A thorough scan and analysis of your body will find the causes of eventual symptoms. Below you will find an overview of the advantages of this type of scan.


  • The scanning is painless and takes place comfortably seated

  • No preparation on your part is necessary

  • The scan is accurate and individual

  • The whole body can be examined

  • Finds the hidden causes behind the symptoms

  • Finds allergies and hypersensitivity to food

  • Individual testing of the most appropriate therapy

  • You follow the real-time scan on a big screen

We can test

  • allergens & intolerances

  • toxins & pollutants

  • microorganisms & parasites

  • bacteria

  • virus

  • fungus

  • foods


How does it work
The body's ability to respond to electromagnetic stimuli can be used for something very positive. Today, hospitals use, for example, MRI, ultrasound, ECG, EEG, etc., which are frequency-based reading systems that have been in use for several decades. But there are significantly newer technologies that can provide more accurate information and can also trigger processes in the body. Unfortunately, health care today does not use the latest technology to read or trigger the body's own processes. At BioBalans, however, you are given the opportunity to be examined with equipment used in hospitals in other countries such as Russia, Israel, Japan, Brazil and many more. All cells in a living organism transmit information in the form of electromagnetic signals. These signals contain information about the state of the cell. A sick cell sends out different information compared to a healthy one. This means that all tissues, organs, cells, genes, molecules and atoms have a unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency.

How is the scan performed

The scan is completely painless and carried out comfortably sitting. Trigger sensors are placed on your head and read electromagnetic frequencies from the brain stem of the organ or tissue that we want to read. The signals are then passed on to a device that amplifies the signals, which in turn is analyzed by a special software in a computer. You see in real time which organ or tissue is being scanned and can also see biologically active points in the organ or tissues being read. Thanks to an extremely extensive database where all frequencies for both healthy and unhealthy organs as well as tissues are stored, we can evaluate the area we are investigating with great precision. The scan also takes into account age and gender.

What are the benefits
The results from the scan gives us detailed information about the state of the tissue we read from right down to the molecular level. I.e. we have the ability to read RNA, DNA and chromosomes. We can then see the very earliest stages of a possible illness or information about an illness in the short or long term. The analysis tells us with precision how serious an imbalance is. The imbalance can have energetic causes, such as headaches caused by excessive stress, or there may be a pathological cause, such as headaches caused by a circulatory disorder. We see the beginning stages of a disease state, when the disease is just beginning to develop and the clinical symptoms are still absent. We test the microflora in various organs (bacteria, viruses and fungi), which makes it possible for a specialist to recommend a health program that stops the development of the disease and the transition to the clinical stage. In this way, an illness is effectively prevented by stopping its development.

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