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Whether you want to get better results in sports or get an improved general condition, it is imperative to analyze your nutrition intake. It is not uncommon for us to have intolerances to foods that adversely affect our health. This reduces our nutrient uptake - which ultimately affects the supply of energy in our cells.

  • Improves your nutritional intake

  • Which foods strengthen your body

  • What foods to avoid

  • Vitamin test

  • Mineral test

  • Fatty acid test

  • Heavy metal test


Here, we place great emphasis on what you eat and how you can improve your health with foods that are just right for you. This is just for those who want and are prepared to make changes to get good results. You get everything included in a Health Analysis plus a specific food analysis you need to get to your goal.

We read your body's nutritional uptake and find out your intracellular values for vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and heavy metals. Then the status of your vital organs is read. The analysis collected from these tests give us information on how a specific organ cells absorb nutrition. If you have an impaired function in e.g. an organ, we can then use the information collected from the analysis to use specific food or nutrients that strengthen the specific cell type. Nutrition that is suited for you.


When you do a Nutrition Optimization, you will also be given the opportunity to test up to 4 supplements that you currently eat or have in mind to eat. The tests provide detailed information if the supplement is the most optimal for you. This type of analysis can also be done as an add-on to a revisit. The results from the test will be analyzed during your visit. No need to wait for the results.

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