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BioBalans offers services that no hospital in Sweden or most parts of the world can offer you. The state-of-the-art equipment used has undergone clinical trials and has in many cases higher accuracy than an MRI and ultrasound. This in combination with studies, more than 20 years of experience in nutrition and clients will give you the opportunity to find out the root causes of a health problem.


Health analysis means that we scan all the vital organs and tissues in your body. If you know that you have a specific problem, we will do a more in-depth analysis of this as well. All tissues and organs can be scanned and analyzed. During your first visit, we detect any imbalances in your body. The scanning will form the basis for a return visit, but already during the first visit we can begin to help the body regain balance with the help of Meta-therapy. In addition, an analysis of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and heavy metals is done to ensure which nutrients are lacking.


Nutrition optimization is a plus service that you can choose to add to your consultation if you want to speed up your recovery from an illness, injury, or get better results in sports and competition. For this service detailed information about your diet is required. Based on the results we have obtained from the previous health-, mineral-, vitamin-, fatty acid- and heavy metal-analysis you will get suggestions on foods you should eat to maximize your nutritional intake. This service also includes spectral analysis of a maximum of 4 supplements.


This analysis includes the reading of mineral, vitamin, fatty acids and heavy metals. Included in Health Analysis.

As an independent supplier of NHT, we can now offer customers a product that activates stem cells in the body. An extremely effective supplement to speed up the body's healing process.


This is an individually adapted gastrointestinal program that I have used for many years to help people with chronic problems. The program is ideally suited for those who have impossible stomach problems. A standalone program that does not require you to visit BioBalans in person. This program can also be combined with Health Analysis for those who want full control of the body and help you obtain improved gastrointestinal health.


This is a plus service that you can choose to add to your Health Analysis or to be selected in conjunction with a return visit. It's included for those who wish when choosing Nutrition Optimization. The spectral analysis gives you the opportunity to find out if the supplement you eat has a positive impact on your body. You can also compare several different supplements to see which has the best impact on your particular body. This service includes analysis of 4 products.


Laser therapy is a form of treatment that helps the body's cells regain energy quickly. With the help of the laser's special wavelength, we can reach deep into tissues. Used for pain relief and inflammation. This type of treatment can be done as a follow-up to a Health Analysis if this therapy is considered relevant.

A form of treatment that is based on restoring energy by restoring the cell's nutrient uptake. Treatment is included in Health Analysis, but can also be performed in urgent need to reduce pain and inflammation.


RIFE is a treatment method aimed primarily at eliminating microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and intestinal parasites) and fungi in our body. This type of treatment can be done as a follow-up to a Health Analysis if this therapy is considered relevant. Common to address borrelia and other more severe pathogens.

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